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  • Dr. Bob Phillips, Pastor

Are People Really Lost?

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Are people really lost, dying, and going to hell? Well, that's what we Christians across America say we believe. But what do our efforts say we really believe? You see, it's not what we say, but what we do that actually reveals our faith.

Our Lord has given us, each and all, a commission - to make disciples who will follow him through life into eternity. But the reality is that Christians in America aren't doing that. Let's be honest - I'm not, you're not. Churches across our nation, churches who say they believe the Bible; who believe people are lost, dying, and going to hell, aren't doing a very good job of bringing the Good News of Jesus to these people we say are in terrible danger. And they are our family members, friends, and neighbors (not to mention others we don't know).

We are quite good at finding excuses for our neglect - "I'm very busy and don't really have time (won't make the time); there are other things I need/want to do (reaching the lost is just not one of my priorities); I don't know how (but could learn if I wanted); I don't really know any lost people (actually, I do); I'm afraid how people will react (aren't we all?); people I know just aren't interested (but I haven't really asked them)."

Perhaps one of the biggest problems American Christians have is that deep down we really don't believe in the danger. We really don't believe people will die and go to hell and that somehow they will eventually get to heaven. And that's really dangerous.

Jesus said, "Why do you call me 'Lord' and don't do the things I say?" On another occasion he said, "When you have done all that you have been commanded, say, 'We are unprofitable servants. We have done only that which is our duty to do.'"

Here's what an atheist had to say: "If I believed, as you Christians say you do, that people are going to hell, I would crawl over broken glass on hands and knees to keep them from going there."

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